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Handling a Tree Dispute with Your Neighbor

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Are you experiencing problems with your neighbors that involve a tree on your property? Well, you are not alone. Though all houses have property lines, trees are wild entities. They aren’t bound by any property line.  

Of course, you probably don’t want to fight your neighbor. However, relationships with trees can cause huge problems. This is particularly true if your tree adds a huge value to your property.  

A couple of the most popular disputes over trees in residential properties include: 

  • Tree at risk of falling onto a house 
  • Shade from the tree is blocking sunlight on a property 
  • Branches are invading a property 

Thus, how should you manage a situation where your neighbor is asking for a tree removal Lexington? Here are several tips you can follow: 

Maintain Your Tree Properly 

Maintain the tree on your property will lead to fewer problems with your neighbors. You can even prevent these problems from happening at all. In addition to that, maintaining your tree can help you prevent other problems such as tree failure.  

Know the Law and Talk to a Professional 

Talk to a professional if your neighbor wants to cut down your tree or maintained it in a particular way that appears off to you. Though in all possibilities you’re the one in control of the situation, speaking to a professional will offer you expertise and knowledge on how to manage disputes responsibly that develop with your neighbor.  

This will enable you to defend the value of your property and your rights in the most effective and ideal approach possible. Also, they can possibly offer you solutions and options for de-escalating the case and looking for a way for everyone to win. 

Hold Your Ground 

One thing that shouldn’t happen for you is to feel pressured to cut or change your tree for a request that isn’t reasonable.  

Aside from adding an elegant landscape element to your house and being great for the environment, trees add value to your home. It isn’t an excellent solution to just cut down your tree to appease your neighbor.  

It’s your decision on what’s going to happen to a tree if it comes out of the ground on your property.  

Talk to Your Neighbor 

Speaking with your neighbor to see if there’s a reasonable answer to the problem is the first thing you need to do always.  

For example, perhaps the request is to just trim the tree in a way that won’t be consequential to you. If so, you can easily prevent a major headache and solve the problem using an easy answer.  

Another option is you simply do not want to pay for your tree to be altered, even though you do not mind it. There are probably answers that you can work out where your neighbor can pay for the work that has to be done and the problem settled.  

On more severe occasions, you can negotiate private financial agreements so that both you and your neighbor agree to each other.  

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