How to Prevent Taking Blurry Pictures?

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A crisp and sharp photo is something that a lot of photographers aim for. But, that is extremely difficult to attain. For others, a blur is a stylistic option, however, it could devastate your picture once it’s done accidentally. There are several reasons your pictures might become a blur. Some of the typical reasons why this happen include moving subject, poor focus, and shaken camera. To help you prevent taking blurry photos and take crisp photos, we will be providing helpful tips:

Take photos under great lighting 

The sharpness of your shots can be determined by lighting conditions. If you shoot in low light, your camera will be having a hard time focusing or refocus before it shoots the shutter. Also, shooting under great lighting can make your subject a lot flattering.  

Inspect your focus 

There are other reasons why your pictures turn out blurry aside from a camera shake. You need to also check whether you’re focusing on the correct area in the frame. Once you utilize autofocus on your camera, you need to wait until it’s already locked on the subject before clicking your shutter. On several digital cameras, you can achieve this by accordingly framing your subject and lightly pressing the button. This way, your camera can determine what to focus on. 

Utilize a remote control or a self-timer 

Even the tiniest actions, like clicking the shutter button of your camera, can lead to blurry pictures. Using a remote control or self-timer while your camera is set up on a stable surface or tripod can help minimize the danger of a shaky camera. 

Boost the shutter speed 

Fundamentally, shutter speed determines the number of time your shutter is open. As you shoot and you use faster shutter speed, it will freeze movement in a photo. On the other hand, using a slower shutter speed enables you to take motion blur. If you would like to take a sharp photo of a moving subject, the speed of more than 1/500 will enable you to have a crisp photo without motion blur.  

Utilize a tripod 

Using a tripod is one of the simplest means you can do if you want to stabilize your camera. Guarantee that your tripod is firmly standing on the ground and totally pull out the legs to prevent unexpected movement. You can achieve a more stable tripod once it’s height is closer to the ground. 

Maintain steady hands 

Once you shoot a handheld camera, you’re more susceptible to have a shaky camera. There are several means to prevent your hands from shaking and keep them steady as you shoot. Make sure to keep your arms stable and utilize both of your hands to grasp your camera near to your body. Once you extend your arms more than needed, there is a chance that it’ll tire you out easily and you can cause your camera to shake. Apart from that, you can try leaning against a wall or popping your arms on a solid surface. To know more tips, check out the blog about photos here. 

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